Creating art is twice rewarding. First, there is the gratification of making an abstract representation of a real, positive feeling from within. Second, there is the experience of my audience’s reaction to aspecific painting. It is exhilarating to witness an observer become engrossed by a color palette with deep texture and subtle composition and balance.

My work in acrylic on canvas is complex. It continually rewards the viewer with new juxtapositions of color and texture, expressing playfulness and exuberance. I generally work on a large canvas, applying acrylic medium and colors directly from a palette knife. Some pieces incorporate textural elements such as gold leaf and are finished with acrylic resin. The spatial complexity of each painting complements its setting, while expressing a vibrant individuality.

There is a deceptive intricacy to my work. Upon close inspection, the multiple layering of color provides a calming experience of vitality. Because my professional background includes 2 decades as a designer of architectural interiors, each painting “works” within the built environment. When I beat my breast cancer (with the help of awesome doctors and family), the power of a positive attitude played a big part in my recovery. Now, I channel that positive energy into my art.






 Original Painting



Sculpting in Color