Kathryn Spata Atelier abstract art acrylic painting.

Kathryn Spata is an artist creating unique abstract paintings.  Within her upstate New York studio are canvases ranging from 24 inches square up to 60 inches.  Kathryn Spata accepts commissioned art pieces upon request.   All art is for sale.

Kathryn's work is influenced by her awareness of the built environment.  Each piece conveys a spatial complexity, reflecting her 20+ years as a designer of architectural interiors for corporate and institutional clients.  Over the past 2 years, she has continuously self taught herself as an artist, engaging her audience at a series of juried exhibitions.

Her technique utilizes deeply textured acrylic on canvas, applied with a palette knife, to achieve the effect of sculpting with color.

A breast cancer survivor, Kathryn understands how artwork can humanize the places in which we live, work, love and heal.

Upon seeing her work displayed, a not uncommon first response is to note the exuberance and playfulness contained within each piece.  With close examination, the complex interplay of textures, colors and directionality in her paintings conveys an intriguing sense of vitality, vibrancy and movement.



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 Original Painting




Sculpting in Color